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Dust was the final project for one of my classes that had a 5 week development cycle and a 6 person team.  I contributed programming for player control, which was vehicle based, and a variety of graphics effects, including a nifty heat mirage effect.  In the game, players assume control of a small boat that sails on sands instead of water and they must explore various landmarks in search of an oasis.

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Mansion is a game that I developed on a four person team over the course of 5 weeks.  The premise of the game is that you are a boy in a haunted mansion who can only see where his flashlight illuminates.  The player must explore each level to find the circuit breaker and place it in the breaker box to illuminate the level.  For this project I was responsible for player control code, AI, and some of the menus as well.  However, my biggest contribution was the creation of its lighting system that is inspired by hierarchal portal culling.

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Olympus is an exercise game currently under development by Michigan State University's Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab to research the impact and effectiveness of motion controls in a game developed for the entertainment of the user, as opposed to games marketed directly as a means of exercise. I am responsible for player control code, wii-mote input, graphics effects, and tool creation. Olympus is being developed with the Unity3D game engine.

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Bioshock Pinball

Bioshock Pinball is one of my most recent projects.  It started at a game jam themed for "New Games in Old Spirit," so naturally we turned 2K Boston's Bioshock into a pinball game.  Since the game jam, I've polished it up a bit and used it as a testbed for a variety of graphics effects, including a post-process distortion and custom manipulation of Unity's standard glow effect.

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Graphics Tech Demo

This is a collection of graphics effects that I've put together as I have experimented with CG shaders in the Unity 3D engine.  Some of the effects turned out quite nicely, and I've incorporated them into a few of the games I have been involved with.  The effects include: screen-space distortion and tone-mapping, texture combination with render to texture, and a couple of mesh distortions to simulate waves on a planar mesh.

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Dealertown Ford

This Flash game is Spartasoft's winning entry in a competition hosted by Ford Credit to create a game to educate players about credit and finance. Dealertown Ford accomplishes this by having the player manage and expand their own dealership, gaining points to spend on upgrades by successfully financing customers.  I was responsible for over a third of the programming work.  This included the save/load system, customer interaction scoring, loading most dynamic text from XML to make modifying the game easier for Ford Credit, and the upgrade system.  The game was displayed on the Expo floor at GDC 2010. 

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Older Student Work:

Snow Crash

Snow Crash is a sledding game that I helped develop with several other students during my first year of college.  It is a fast paced sledding game featuring 3 stages, 3 sled types, and a set of achievements.  I specifically did the GUI and interface programming and the achievement test conditions. Following the completion of the web version, the team worked to port the game to the iPhone.  Hopefully it will be posted in the App Store after some finishing touches are completed.

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Power Master

Power Master is a serious games project that the MSU Games For Entertainment and Learning Lab has been working on for a new class in the MSU College of Engineering.  The game is intended to teach students about power plant management.  The students are responsible for deciding how to best meet demand with the plants at their disposal each season while also keeping track of their operating fund and pollution output.

For this project I was largely responsible for almost all of the interface programming as well as some gameplay elements such as pollution and maintenance effects.  I also stepped up to the task of level design when necessary.  For the last several months of development on the project, I was the main developer on the project, leaving most polishing touches to programming and design as my responsibility.  Power Master was used by its first set of students in November 2009.

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Cabbage Quest

Cabbage Quest was a project that I did to "get  acquainted" with Unity 3D.  While I find that it may not represent the best work I have over done, it is important for several reasons.  The first of which is that I did all of the work for the project, stepping into not just the role of the programmer, but the artist and designer as well. Secondly, I did this project start to finish with no prior experience using the Unity 3D engine and no formal instruction, an experience I expect that I may repeat in the future both as a student and as a professional developer.  A poster presentation of Cabbage Quest won first place in its category at the annual Michigan State University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum.

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